depotting: lipsticks


what you need: lipsticks, containers, labels, marker and a spatula

Another thing I like to depot is lipstick. This one is much easier than compact powders or eyeshadows. All you need is an empty container, a spatula and some courage. So how do I do it? Twist the lipstick up, slice through and smush. I used to melt them with a candle and spoon but I found that so much product was wasted in the process. Make sure your containers are clean!


make sure you get every last bit


and repeat!

My container of choice are the pill boxes from Muji. These run for P135 for 7 pieces. I discovered this from another makeup artist. The selling point of this container is that you can rearrange and attach as you please. This customizability (sounds like a made up word but spell check didn’t flag it) makes it easy to pack my kit with exactly what I need. 

Other containers muas like to use are:







Happy smushing!