depotting: mac mineralize skinfinish

I've been a big fan of depotting since I started in makeup. It made my kit lighter, more organized. Items were easier to find and keep clean. 

Last night I had a go at depotting MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish powders. Unlike other compacts, these powders are baked onto a terracotta pan. After some research, I found out that no melting or heat was needed to get the pan out, just a spatula to loosen the plastic ring thing securing it to the base. I'd like to thank Ani Writes on YouTube for showing me the way. Her video below:

So after months of careful consideration, I bit the bullet. With spatula in hand, I dug into the plastic and wiggled away. Slowly I felt it give. Then there was a click. I heard a crescendo of 'aaaahhhh' erupt from the sky; light broke through the stormy night sky to welcome the powder, freed from its prison. The liberation was a success. It was unharmed. 

The aftermath 

So I did this 6 more times and voila!

Top row: Light, Light Plus, Medium Plus.
Bottom row: Medium Dark, Dark Deep, Deep Darkest
Middle straggler on the right: Medium Deep

So happy with how well it turned out. Yay!